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ONLINE PT Personal Training Packages

8 Weeks Personal Training

-Skype Chat To Meet Your PT
-8 Weekly Check-Ins With Your PT
-Customised Exercise Program Including Strength, Cardio, Core, Balance & Flexibility
-3D Exercise Demonstrations
-Update At 4 Weeks
-Customised Nutrition Plan
-Approved Food List With Itemised Macro Breakdown
-Tips On How To Achieve Your Goal
-24/7 Email Contact & Guaranteed Reply Within 24hrs
-Monthly Subscription To eFitNews Newsletter
-Mobile Friendly For Smartphone Access
-Online PT App Access



Online PT has designed a program to help individuals battling with specific health issues to improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. Special Populations is a term used in the health and fitness industry for clients who don’t fit into the general population and suffer from a myriad of health issues, i.e. injuries, diabetes, asthma, heart and lung conditions, high blood pressure, women dealing with osteoporosis and menopause, pre-natal/post-natal mothers looking to get back in shape, recovering cancer patients dealing with post-chemotherapy treatment, multiple sclerosis, obesity in children and adults and our genuine elderly.

All our programs include exercises to enhance and address the client’s specific needs, while simultaneously improving their balance, core strength, overall strength and flexibility improving their range of motion for daily activities.

Special populations means you’re amazing before you even start! ?

Not enough hours in the day to go to the gym after having to work all day, study or other commitments?
Is One On One Personal Training expensive when you have a family and something you wish you could do but wouldn’t spend the money on you?
Do you feel uncomfortable and/or intimidated when you go to the gym since you’re training for a better quality of life, not to win the Olympia?

Today is Your Lucky Day
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Online Personal Trainer Keeping You Fit And Holding You Accountable While You’re Getting Results In Your Home.

Don’t Knock It Till You Try It. A REAL-LIFE Personal Trainer, Professional And Fully Customised Exercise & Nutrition Programs, Beginners Or Advanced & Half The Price Of One On One Personal Training. Everybody Deserves To Have Their Own Personal Trainer Online Personal Training With ONLINE PT Log On, Move It, Lose It!

What If I Told You That Stretching Is A Secret To Having A Better Quality Of Life? No Excuses, You’re Not Getting Old So Stop Procrastinating!

The Benefits of Stretching After A Workout Will Decrease Muscle Soreness AKA DOMS, Lengthen Muscles and Improve Flexibility. A Flexible Body Eases Any Pain and Increases Mobility Giving You A Better Quality Life.

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